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Full Version: 2012 YM Exam Events Presentations
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I shall add links to the presentations used at last weekend's Birmingham Atkins Mod1/7 event over the next week.

First up is the one I used to discuss Mod1 2011 Q2 relating to Points. In fact the presentation is very large since it incorporates all the point related information used for the Module 3/5 London Study Group; I just used a small sub-set of this and added a few more specific slides relating to the question and the answers received.

The 2nd slide acts as the master index; the link to the custom slide show I used at the Mod1 event is at the top left.

Other subsets of slides can be investigated by clicking on other text and indeed there are also other slides which themselves form indexes for further custom slide shows, for example relating to the different types of Point Operating Equipment.

As well as the photos and captions on the slides themselves, a lot actually have significant additional text, so do investigate what is available in "Notes view" as well as running as a presentation for the animation.

Still evolving a bit so certainly not 100 percent finished, but substantial amount of material here that should be useful for mod 5 in particular. Remember for module 1 that you need to focus of the SAFETY OVERVIEW, so whereas an understanding of the technicalities is very good background, your answer needs to steer clear of getting involved in the detail.

Presentation can be downloaded from: