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For those sitting one or modules this Saturday, it is time to stop studying and worrying; get some rest and relaxation before the exam as that will almost certainly do you more good.

Don't forget:
# information re location of exam centre and time to attend,
# check travel arrangements,
# know your candidate number,
# take pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, simple calculator, scale rule etc as required,
# take any Control Table blanks needed [no company identification),
# use your reading time effectively,
# make sure you do the correct number of questions- no more, no less,
# don't pick up a pen until told to start,
# state your railway context and relevant assumptions,
# define any $ notes you use on Control Tables,
# be ruthless re your time allocation between questions and within each, in accordance with the mark allocation,
# read the question- answer the question, the whole question and nothing but the question,
# keep focussed, don't panic.

Once the Forum is open again after the exams (it will be disabled for around 24 hours to cover the exam around the world), please share what you thought of the module papers as a whole, any concerns about any particular question , how you thought you got on etc.

Good luck. Can't say I'll be thinking of you as I'll be testing a prototype of a AHBC level crossing using a PLC and a German barrier machine for a small railway- now that might give some ideas for a question in 2013.......