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Full Version: 2009 main line attempted layout
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Dear all,

Here with i have attached the 2009 attempted layout. This I have tried to finish within time (Slightly 10 min more). Calculation part I have not attached.

Please give your valuable comments as soon as possible.

I have not looked in detail or compared numerically agains the spec given, but on the whole, what you have put there certainly looks to be the right sort of number of signals in the right sort of places.

There are a couple of things that stick out as a little bit odd.

On the single line, what is the purpose of 401 - you are not going to let a train onto the branch unless the single line is free of a train, so there is no reason to stop it at 401. Also, you have not given a distant signal for the fixed red at the buffer stop. 402 does not have a distant signal either and your comment that the line speed is low so two aspect is used worries me. 2 aspect (or more accurately isolated three aspect signalling) can be used on any line speed of low enough capacity to cope with long block sections.

On 107, you have shown an alphanumeric route indicator. Given that not all trains stop at B, you would expect that trains can approach this at 140kmh and hence I think the route indication should be by PLJI. Further, even if alphanumeric was applicable, you have specified MI which in UK practice is a miniature indicator (category 5 for 60m viewing) whereas for those associated by main aspects are SI (standard indicators).

There is no route box for 103 signal so I am not sure what your thinking is for the position light signal. If it is for a call on move to the station, this is a very long way to run and while technically possible, it would be outside of the normal standard for this distance.

I assume that you have used the following for the run round move: Train up to 303. Engine via P5 reverse behind 302. 302 up to LOS then 305 via P7 reverse to join up and set off from 129. I note that the question asks for the run round move to be via the UM, but I think it would have been dine to have the end of the move finishing on the branch behind 304 signal rather than sitting on the UM to swap ends and reverse the loco.

Not sure what the position light signal on 109 is for. You have 109A(S) in the route box, but I cannot see why and if you had intended to go up to the LOS, there is no wheeled path as P8B are switch diamonds.

Very minor detail, you have said that 303 is preset by 111, but this is on a completely different line!

Apologies that this is not a detailed critique, but I hope the points raised here are helpful.

I'll add a couple which PJW commented on an attempt of mine earlier this year:

Trap points are needed to protect the branch line from goods trains on the Dn Goods, and also from run-aways out of the sidings.

Track circuit joints 113/118 and similar on the Down goods are not strictly necessary as there are no parallel moves.

Additionally, I think it is normal to use letters for Track names eg. AA, AB, etc. Makes it easier to tell apart points, tracks and signals.

Signal 402 can only read up to a fixed Red so should not have a green aspect.

Signal 405 would usually be just a red light on the buffer stop; It should have a yellow distant or a fixed distant board but it looks like signal 401 is a R/G signal?