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Full Version: 2014 Layout - points
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Hii All..

Can Any one suggest me the Normal Lie of Points of 2014 Layout 1 at "7385" just before Station E, which is Double slip point (apologies if it is not a double slip) .

Url of the plan -

Thank you

Would suggest you many already know the answer based on the usual rules. Set routes over the most used, highest speed routes and use the rest of the point ends to mitigate risk.

For me, using the compass to suggest.
Set N as SE to NW, i.e. Plat 2 to Up Branch.
For the W to SE slip, closed at W end, open at SE.
For the E to NW slip, closed at E end, open at NW.

I hope that makes sense. Double slips are just four point ends.