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Full Version: M4+M6 pencil in date Tuesday 02 March 2011
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Pencil in date Tuesday 02 March 2011

Not fixed yet, more details when known, just wanted to advance warn date for peoples diaries.

Hi all,

Just a quick note
AlastairHayden Wrote:You can email me on or call me on Tel 020 7038 3146 Mobile 07905 749017

Alternatively in case of difficulty as a back-up my contacts are :
020 79 18 61 80 <<<< daytime office hours only please
079 21 40 40 94 <<<< txt msgs only please because work random nights

But note I DO NOT work from Templar House so unable to deal with access issues.

Just a reminder, Study group is on Tomorrow 2nd March. Please dee details above