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Full Version: 2011 Exam Feedback
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Hello All,

Just thought I'd share my experience and feedback with you on the Mod 1 and 7 exams I took in London this year.

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank PJW for his efforts, time and advice in helping the London Study Group prepare for the exams. Much appreciated Peter, I think without your help we would have definetly struggled, even more so on Mod 1!

I must say the Mod 1 exam which was so controversial last year was actually generous in terms of the number of questions you could pick to answer. There were no suprises with any of teh questions and it seemed to be less diffficult than I had expected!

I answered questions on human error, degraded modes and maintenace risks and mitigations. I did however feel that weirdly enough the Mod 1 exam this year could have also passed as a Mod 7 exam paper because the nature of the questions have seen them come up in Mod 7 quite often in the past. The only major issue I had in this paper was that of time. If I fail, this will probably be the underlying issue as I could not get all my points down in the time. Given that these exams are about demonstrating your breadth of experience and knowledge, and that now the Mod 1 questions are designed to be more broad than before, it is not possible to cover the broader points and cover the topics under exam conditions in the time given. I timed myself per question and found myself moving onto the next question each time leaving gaps to come back to in the last 15minutes or so, but that did not work out and therefore alot of the stuff I wanted to include in my answer was missed out.

I felt Mod 7 was a bit more of a suprise, I actually struggled to pick my 3 questions and ended up reading questions again into the exam slot. There were no questions on V&V, Project lifecycles or risk management/processes.
I answered the questions on right side failures, design considerations of a controllers terminal and I cannot remember for the life of me what the 3rd question was about!

The other issue with the exam was that throughout the day, we utilised one room for all exams which had no air conditioning and you couldn't open the windows due to heavy traffic noise outside. So by the afternoon exams, the room turned into somewhat of a sauna and to be honest was not the best environment to be taking exams in.

Speaking to other candidates on the day, the theme and general feedback semed to be the same for everyone. I'm glad they are out of the way now and I do hope that for the effort I gave this year, I pass both papers!


I would just like to add my thanks to Peter Woodbridge for his support, encouragement and above all for his time which he gave freely to our Mod 1 & 7 Study Group. I really enjoyed particpating in the study group, a great bunch of people willing to share their varied experiences.

The exams were tough, but we knew they would be. I found Mod 1 went better than Mod 7, but I was able to answer 3 questions in each and to provide enough words without struggling. I just hope the quality of my responses were good enough and too is my general weakness.

I am really glad the exams are over and am looking forward to getting together with everyone in November for dinner to start planing our study group for next year.

Well done to everyone who took an exam on Saturday, on possibly the hottest day of the year so far...which I believe prompted a few to remember to mention environment conditions as factors in their answers.


I had a non appearance for M4 and M6.

The unseasonal heatwave brought an equally unseasonal round of hayfever type allergy and apart from me being not well enough to sit exams, I was coughing and spluttering so much I'd have been a significant distraction to everyone else's concentration. All round I thought it better to skip it.

I am very grateful to John Stafford who few a few sessions for the comms study group re-catalysed my exam approach, and thanks to Peter Woodbridge for involving John as well as general input.


Remember, M1 and M7 are always similar but they have different emphasis!
Although there was no question which explicitly asked you to describe/draw V&V, Project lifecycles or risk management/processes in mod 7, i think they wanted you to talk about this in a number of questions