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Full Version: 2012 Mod 3&5 London
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The London Study Group will be tackling both Module 3 Signalling Principles and Module 5 Signalling Applications together, since in many ways these are two sides of the same coin; the first looking at the "high-level" aim of WHAT we are tying to achieve and the second more the HOW we achieve it technically.

Sessions will initially be held 17:00-19:00 on Tuesdays (generally) at 200 Buckingham Palace Road starting November 22nd.  We are going to start with gentle introductory background material before transitioning to more exam focussed activity in February 2012.  As befits the varied interests within the group, there will be a mixture of legacy LU, current NR and transmission based signalling considerations.  The attachment has a long list of individual topics from which we'll choose a selection; we can no more address them all in the year than one could eat everything on a resturant menu in just one sitting.  Some items on the list are what may be considered main dishes and thus the meat" of the modules, where others are starters, side dishes and garnishes etc., many of which are primarily considerations of other modules.

Should anyone else be interested in attending, please contact
Vivich or