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Full Version: PM facility
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This doesn't seem to be working properly at the moment.
Yesterday I tried to reply to one but got a 404 error, it didn't send or save and I lost what I had written. I was attempting this from a work computer so thought possible that TfL prevented somehow (I always seem to be able to post but not attach files to the posts).

Last night I attempted to respond to a different PM from home and this time suffered the same fault initially but then subsequently was able to send on a retry.

However tonight when I attempted to reply to a third PM from home I experienced the same issue again and couldn't send, although this time by using the back button I could retrieve my text to copy to clipboard and then send to the recipient directly by email as I did know their address.

I hope Peter might be able to use his sleuthing skills to establish what might be the problem; in the meantime I suggest that anyone trying to use actually copies text to clipboard before pushing send, just in case.

Seems to affect sending / replying / previewing equally.