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Principles of Railway Operation - PJW - 27-04-2013

Examiners frequently report that one of the reasons why candidates struggle with Module 1 and Module 7 in particular (but also reflects on at least Module 2 & 3) is that they lack knowledge of the operational railway.

I also have recognised this when leading Study Groups over the years; probably because of the fragmentation of the industry, loss of free travel facilities and the more onerous site safety rules compared to 30 years ago.

A new book by John Glover has been published ISBN 978-0-7110-3631-4 by Ian Allan. It's £25 (seems expensive perhaps but I think all books are nowadays and it's less than half the cost of sitting a module so if it reduces chances of failure then would be a good investment) but does give a good overview for Network Rail- there is only a short Appendix re London Underground and UK metros- so would be a useful resource for exam preparation.
Well illustrated with colour picture and diagrams.

Chapter headings are:
  • Railway Organisation
  • Principles of Operation
  • Track and Civils
  • Signalling
  • Electrification
  • Passenger Railway
  • Passenger Stations
  • Timetable Planning and Service Provision
  • Freight Business
  • Running the Railway
  • Measurement of Achievement
  • Safety on the Railway
  • Railway of the Future

However if your interest is in Metros then the University of Birmingham: "Managing Railway operations & Maintenance- best practices from KCRC" ISBN 9-780952-999720 would be a better book (can't recall the price other than it was pricey so would think over £50 if you can still purchase now)

RE: Principles of Railway Operation - kaamil20 - 30-11-2016

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