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North West Study Group 2017 - Rob - 09-01-2017

Would anybody be interested in a study group in the north west (probably Manchester) area? Please reply or PM me.
It would probably be 2 hours every one or two weeks.
Modules undecided.


RE: North West Study Group 2017 - Jerry1237 - 11-01-2017

Rob, it would be speaking with colleagues and seeing if you could start one yourself. Even two people is worthwhile. Perfect if you can get an experienced person to review anything produced.

You could always ask the IRSE Office to publish the group as well. Am sure others will join. Or you could ask if there is room to dial into the Chippenham group if you are struggling.

If you would like further pointers for running a group, PM myself or PJW.

RE: North West Study Group 2017 - TheSmoothlima - 15-02-2017


We have a study group at Network Rails offices in Manchester (Square One) that has been set up.

If you are interested in joining, please send me a message and I will forward dates and times.



RE: North West Study Group 2017 - Andrei - 01-08-2017

I would be definitely interested. please give me more info Wink