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2009-2011 Official IRSE Sample Answers for Mod 1
It has been quite a few years since the examiners have released any sample answers, but I am pleased that they have responded to pressure to resume the practice. I understand that this document will be included on the Study DVD but we have been given permission to publish it here.

My understanding is that this document has the "seal of approval" of the exam committee and hence in any conflict between this and other posts on the Forum then you'd be best advised to give this precedence over anything the rest of us might say; even if I were to disagree with them and be prepared to argue my case [e.g. see the comments I have made on some 2011 Q2 attempts and compare their comments on the version included in their document], in the final analysis it is them who will be marking your paper, not me, Peter, Jerry or anyone else!

Having pressed for this for some time and criticised the delays in production, now is the time to express our appreciation, particularly as it covers several years with particularly good coverage of 2011.

Read the opening portion to understand what the contents represent; certainly don't think these are "Model (=perfect) Answers" or indeed the only possible good answers, I believe that they are generally some of the better answers received for the relevant questions with examiners comments on what was good and those areas which could have been improved.

The one change I have made is to save te Word 2010 .docx file received into the earlier .doc format to make more compatible for people to read; as far as I know this hasn't mucked up the formatting etc., but it has increased file size by about 50 percent.....

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