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M3&5 Exam Workshop, Derby 14/15th July 2012
(20-06-2012, 01:39 PM)Jerry1237 Wrote: Original thread here

Module 3 & 5 Examination Workshop

Date: 14/15th July 2012

Venue: Signet Solutions Training Centre, Derby

With the kind support of Signet Solutions, the IRSE Younger Members are pleased to invite you to this study event aimed at students studying for Modules 3 or 5 of the IRSE exam. The general format of the event will be to look at specific exam questions that have been attempted by candidates and to provide feedback throughout the weekend. This will be accompanied by practical demonstrations of various technologies which are examined in Module 5. Both of modules 3 and 5 will be covered on both days of the event, with a blend of formal “teaching”, group discussions and individual feedback on attempted questions. Candidates for either module are therefore advised to attend on both days.

In order to ensure that the workshop is developed to maximise the benefit to you, participants are requested to complete three questions from Module 3 and/or Module 5 of the 2011 IRSE Exam. Your attempted questions should be emailed to by 22nd June 2012. You may choose to undertake this as a timed mock exam or in more relaxed conditions according to your state of preparation and experience; we emphasise we are looking for a serious attempt which shows commitment, rather than necessarily attaining a particular quality standard. If there are any specific issues you would like covered please indicate them on your response and we will try to accommodate these during the workshop.

Thanks to our sponsors, Signet Solutions, the event is free to attend and a buffet lunch will be provided. Attendees should arrange their own travel and any necessary accommodation; it is traditional that the group adjourns for drinks and a meal after the Saturday meeting which adds a social dynamic to this event.

Places at this event are limited and an early registration is recommended. Priority will be given to candidates who submit attempted past paper answers beforehand. To register your interest in attending please e-mail: advising whether you are able to attend the Saturday, Sunday or both. You will find details on how to find the venue at

Sounds like a great idea the workshop. Would it be possible to obtain any notes from the workshop for our study group currently running in Sydney?
Due to candidates work commitments, its not always easy to prepare study material...

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