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Mod 7 study pack
I think this definitely is one of the better Study Packs. It has some useful introductions to the various topics- but it is not a text book.

Recognise that the "target audience" are people that already have a basic level of knowledge and experience in the industry and therefore they try to draw from this and show how the various threads feed into the IRSE Exam.
  • For those who have benefited from a specific training scheme which over a 2 year period has given good overall coverage of a wide range of S&T activities and also given an overview into other engineering departments, this probably means at least 3 years with =in the industry

  • For those who have fundamentally always performed a job and have attended specific targeted training whilst performing the role, it is best to have been employed in at least two distinctly different roles and have around 6 years total experience

The Study pack are generally best used in a diverse group to draw out the different experiences and knowledge or to assist an experienced engineer to lead a group. However even just reading though the chapters as an individual will give some value.

However in common with other packs, some specific bits have become quite dated- some links to European standards have now been superseded, the information relating to the CDM Regs is to the PREVIOUS version- although no fundamental change, the nomenclature no longer tallies so the activity is undo-able. Actually a group of us were at IRSE HQ this evening discussing what can be done about this- expect to find that the 2013 DVD may be the last and that by next year more will be on the website.

Definitely worth reading though- it puts some flesh on the bare skeleton of the syllabus. It is not the totality of what you will need to study though.

(26-06-2013, 11:26 PM)merlin89 Wrote: From reading this forum Im becoming more interested in this module, just a query is there much in the way of reading study material provided in the study pack?

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