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Web pages vanished?
You're right- does seem to have been removed- since the weekend I think.
I guess that Mark Watson Walker may be updating.
The 2013 papers had replaced the 2012 ones towards the end of last year, but the closure dates for membership application, exam entry and date of the exam were still showing for 2013- hence I guess now changing these but one would have thought a quick activity.
However perhaps he has computer problems; I am suffering myself with Excel claiming that I have no configured printer despite showing me a list of them and both Word and Powerpoint perfectly happy! These modern fangled devices will never catch on- bring back the Rotring pen....!

Thanks for drawing to attention; if don't reappear in next couple of days I'll contact him to enquire.

(06-01-2014, 02:45 PM)dorothy.pipet Wrote: Is it just me or have the pages on the IRSE website about the exam vanished?
Anybody know when/if they'll be back?

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