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(23-11-2015, 01:18 PM)PJW Wrote:
(23-11-2015, 09:09 AM)Jerry1237 Wrote: PJW,

Is there a feel for the level of support from candidates and supporters for a M4/6 day?


First thing to say is that the idea did not come from me but I am happy to support and promote it.
Indeed it is a "toe in the water".  It could well be a low key event, but yes I do think that we will be able to muster enough of a team to deliver a useful day- I guess more focused on mod6 rather than the generally non-rail specific Principles of mod 4.

The more pertinent question is whether the candidate demand will there be? 
However as signalling is now increasing dependent upon radio, networks and IP addressing, then actually there probably ought to be a demand for a "Telecoms for Dummies (= traditional Signal Engineer)" type event even disregarding IRSE exam module preparation.  Just as we have attempted to cope with a range of expertise and interest at the Signet events in previous years, I think we may be able to offer something that addresses both needs.  Time will tell.

No actual dates yet, but things currently looking favourable for a schedule which might look like
April- Exam Review, London
May- Mod 4/6, Manchester
June- Mod 1/7, Birmingham
July- Mod2/3/5, Derby

It'd of course be better if the Exam Review could be earlier, but this has to reflect the increased numbers of papers which are currently with the examiners. 
Can't help thinking that if the 50% of papers which turn out not to be good enough to pass were never sat in the first place, then we could get back to getting results out by Christmas and holding the Exam Review in late January, which might then encourage an earlier start for the next year and hopefully better results..........

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