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(16-09-2017, 05:45 PM)mattslade222 Wrote: Hi All,

Sorry if this isn't the write place to post. I am really struggling with uploading attachments! I struggled with PDFs, then got some success with .docx files, so assumed this was the problem. Unfortunately now I cannot upload those either.

Are there any rules regarding the type and size of file you can upload or the browser version you use?


We are relaxed about attachments and you all have a very generous attachment limit (as we have never had an issue with it being abused) so there should not be a problem from that end. Also, the types that you have cited are both permitted. The limit per attachment is 2MB so if it is huge, it will be an issue, but otherwise should be OK. I have tested the forum with an upload and it seems to be in order.

If you let me know what the actual error or issue is (screen shots are helpful), we can look at it.


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