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2018 Mock Exam Paper for mod 1 & 7
(09-07-2018, 09:56 PM)PJW Wrote: Candidate 1's attempt.

Question A4

A major signalling and telecoms renewal scheme is underway and taking advantage of new technology.
a) What are the main components of a suitable competence management system
                                                                                                                       [15 marks]
A serious installation error was identified by testers when testing a new system
b) How would you manage the consequences of the error?                                     [4 marks]

c) How could a competence management system be used to prevent reoccurrence
                                                                                                                        [6 marks]

The answer was perhaps slanted a bit more to a question of how would you introduce a CMS rather than "what are the main components" but it did cover the ground.

Don't think there was as much focus as there should have been relating to the new technology and the implications that there may not be ready-made training courses or a body of people already deemed competent in it.

In the more general case one would expect newly trained people to gain additional experience under mentorship- this was not mentioned and in the specific case of adoption of new technology the sourcing of such mentors is likely to be difficult.

Overall a reasonable answer for the first part, but it could have done with being more obviously targeted to the precise question asked rather than being a too standard statement of the generic information relating to competence. 

I do think that trying to think of enough relevant to say to achieve 15 marks would be a challenge to me.

I found that the responses to b) and c) a bit muddled together.
Almost immediately the answer is talking about root causes and underlying reasons which are certainly relevant to part c) but not pertinent with DEALING WITH THE CONSEQUENCES.
It does then address some of b) before drifting into c) again.
However it is talking about DESIGN MODIFICATONS when the error was apparently by an installer; it could well be that the design could have been clearer and therefore to reduce the probability of the error reoccurring then some element of the presentation of the design might well be best improved, but the wording of a design modification suggests an actual change to design is needed and this doesn't match the question.

Also the answer doesn't seem to address considering if any similar errors by the same person (or indeed by others - we don't know if the error was a one-off slip or because of a misunderstanding, manual / training error etc. and so rather more systematic) have already occurred that perhaps had not been picked up by the testers and so a programme of re-checking may be necessary.

Similarly would need to understand if the individual failed to live up to the competence criteria against which they had been previously assessed (and therefore whether competence should be down graded pending re-training / more experience under guidance etc.) or whether it was the criteria themselves that were insufficient etc.

Overall there was some good content and I think it would have passed, but it did need to be more closely aligned to the actual question asked.

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