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help required in understanding my next immediate step
(05-01-2012, 12:55 PM)arsenal49 Wrote: Hi everyone,

First of all thanks for such a wonderful forum which i hope to use more often as i prepare for my exams over next 10 months. (part of my new year resolution!) Tongue

A little about my background: I have done MEng honours in Electronics and Communication Engineering and currently working in a railway industry as an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Engineer, for less than 2 years. I am a recent graduate so still very new to the field.

My high-level goal is to gain licence 1.1.100 (Assistant Signalling Design Engineer)

For that to accomplish, my understanding of the procedure to follow is:-
=>Become an associate member of IRSE before end of February 2012
=>Apply to sit in the exams to be held in October 2012 (in England)

Right, here is a list of things that are not immediately clear to me. I will appreciate if anyone would take some time to reply.

1) How many modules do i need to sit in to gain 1.1.100 licence?

Do not conflate licensing with the exam. They are two completely separate things and neither is a pre-requisite for the other and neither is a guarantee of achieving the other. I suggest that you have a look at the licensing webiste to give you a better understanding. One other detail to note is that the new design licence categories have just been released and the Assitstant Designer has been replaced with the subtly, but importantly different 1.1.500 Design Assistant.

Quote:2)How do i choose exactly which modules to take? i.e. which of the modules are relevant to my needs considering im going for 1.1.100 license.

N/A - see above

Quote:3)If i pass the exam than i should be awarded the license right?


Quote:4)How long before i will be awarded this license, after passing the exam? and what steps are needed to be taken following that (if any).

They are completely separate and you can consider being assessed for the licence whether or not you have passed the exam.

Quote:5)What if i fail one module? do i have to wait until the next year (12 months) to sit in again?

The exams are held once a year in October. The results are ratified in December and hence the next opportunity for retake is at the next October session.

Quote:6)Will i need to go through in-house assessment of some sort? The company i work for is pretty small company (35-50 employees) and is not on the approved assessment agent list (or whatever its called). What are my options.

Licensing is a two stage process where you undergo a workplace assessment with one assessor and a competence assessment with another. If your employer does not have either type of assessor, the licensing registrar will be able to give you a list of companies which are registered for the relevant category and you (or your company) will have to make the procurement arrangements.

Quote:7)The work that my company does kind of touches on the subject relevant to signal designing and reviewing. For example, we review other companies designs and layout etc but never prepare it for them. We look at them from electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) point of view. So, i am trying to extend my knowledge of the subject by going beyond the EMC aspect of their design. I think the best way is to study for this exam as that will no doubt help me gain more knowledge.

Modules 1 and 7 of the exam consider safety and systems engineering in a braoder sense that "pure" signalling and hence sound likelt to be relevant for you. You have to pass four modules (Module 1 being compulsory) so you would have to look at the areas of learning that interest you to consider whcih other modules to work for.

Quote:8)I will appreciate if anyone has any experience of people coming from EMC background into this field.

I don't know anyone directly.

Quote:Thanks for going through my rather long post. I didn't imagine it to be that long when i started writing it Tongue

Happy new year

I am nor sure whether you are looking to pass the exam becasue you thought it was a route to licensing, and why it is you want to gain a licence, so given the information above, maybe you could give a little more thought to what you are trying to achieve and if you have more questions about th exam, please come back to us.


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