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Study Material on IRSE website
As was announced earlier in the year, the IRSE is no longer producing an annual DVD Study Pack but instead is putting relevant material within the members area of their website:

The good news is that it is there now

You must have joined the IRSE and then set up a password to access the member's area in order to find it and access the information.

The IRSE intends to refine and update the material which they will make available by this means, but the advantage is that it is there now and the hope is that it can more easily be kept up to date as a continuous process rather than having one opportunity a year.

It is good that having considered doing it for a while that it has now happened. I haven't looked very much to find exactly what is there, but certainly there is quite a bit.

For reasons I don't quite understand, the version of the Module 2 Study Pack is that from as far back as 2008. Also I feel that it is unfortunate that the decision is that no past layout papers prior to 2009 willl be included, because these are referenced as examples from the Study Pack text- thus without these being available then it rather ruins the usefulness of much of the text.
Similarly none of the various examples of past paper layout attempts are there; I firmly believe that they were a key part of the Study Pack which is why I went to some effort to include them originally.

Also disappointingly the Module 3 Study Pack still refers to the Part A / Part B division of the exam which disappeared about 4 years ago now; particularly frustrating as I had actually taken it upon myself to correct the worst of the out of date information over the Christmas holidays and sent them the file so that this wouldn't happen!

So it isn't perfect but better than nothing and with the hope that it will improve over time.

I have made my representations- I can only suggest that if students feel short-changed that you contact the IRSE and make your point.

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