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Mod7 Study Guide - Chapter 3 activities
Herewith the first three activities for comments please?

I have got stuck with Activity 3.4 because I'm not sure what the first part is looking for - feeling dense! Any direction would be appreciated!

Activity 3.4
The system architecture provides a mechanism for evolving the system design. Derive the architecture requirements, identifying key design issues, determining the functional and physical structure and interfaces.
Draw a physical architecture for an automatic train protection system.
Identify the interfaces with other systems and people who interact with the system.

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Hmm... deafening silence from my previous post.

System Architecture - could anyone comment on what it requires?
I'm thinking it needs to define the sub-systems and their connections/interactions.
It needs to include relevant information about how the components interact and behave.
It is also a tool to ensure compatible design of the sub-systems, and also when it comes to testing/validation of each sub-system and its integration into the wider system.

That's rather vague, does anyone have a better definition?
Moving rapidly on (can you tell I'm working commissioning cover) comments on the next 2 activities please?

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And some more
(26-12-2014, 12:00 PM)dorothy.pipet Wrote: Moving rapidly on (can you tell I'm working commissioning cover).

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