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Signalling for Dummies Presentation
Hi all,

I have been asked to give a "Signalling for Dummies" presentation at an NR Infrastructure Projects Directors' away day. Does anyone have a Powerpoint presentation I could borrow with some graphics that provides a high level explanation of signalling, e.g. starting with bobbies with flags, absolute block, TCB, 2-4 aspect etc?

many thanks

Gethin Jones
Are you impying that NR Project Directors are dummies; I could not possibly comment.

Yes I do have stuff of that ilk (but are you sure that it is this history rather than an overview of modrn signalling project implementation which they actually want). In the latter case Andy Free did a good quite extensive presentation but it is about 10 years old and therefore in some respects pretty dated- although it wouldn't take much to tweak some of the detail that now grates since the fundamental still apply
Thanks PJW. I'll contact Andy F.
I was thinking of some having some historical context then issues related to signalling project implementation with emphasis on immunisation for electrification (which is all the range at the moment).
The NR Project directors where I work are not dummies but rather they are mostly made up of civil engineers and quantity surveyors.

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