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S&T website
Hello, my name is Frankie Spowart. I work for NR as a team leader in the S&T dept with 24 years of experience in various roles including supervisor. I started a website in 2009 that has various notes on S&T equipment to help out the trainees and inexperienced new starters I have posted with me. 

Anyone is welcome to visit. You will have to join to access the pages, this takes a few minutes and is to keep the site clean of non legit persons who I can remove at any time. 

You can go to the site by clicking on this link; (changed name from NRemployeesite in Sept 2018)

Thank you.
Awesome site Frankie lots of information I'll be passing on to my colleagues.
yes, it is. Awesome site!!!! Very useful.

Thank you.
Devadasu Mattapudi

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