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2017 Exam Review
(02-03-2018, 08:40 AM)dorothy.pipet Wrote:
(01-03-2018, 03:48 PM)steak Wrote: My point I was getting at is the IRSE could be a bit more "user friendly" in general.
Compare the IET website to the IRSE website......I still find it difficult navigating my way around after using it for a few years.
If the IRSE were to publish a booklet in the format similar to the city+guilds exam success (which only really starts you off, bit like the IRSE study guides but a bit more user friendly for exam purposes) they could gain extra revenue........

Or maybe with their permission........... and a cut of the profits........ maybe some else could produce it  Wink

I understand the points you are making. I agree I don't think it would be a good idea to spoon feed candidates the answers and the whole point of the exam is actually to make you learn about the railway as a whole system, not just how your job role fits, the history of the railway, why and how each component was changed and what can be done in the future to improve it. 
I certainly didn't think about any of this till I've actually just started reading, studying, attempting past papers for the module 5 (so maybe it works if i pass....yes, if not ....... NO Smile )  In my defence I've only to tansferred to the industry 5 years ago and was busy gaining a couple of licences first!! 

I can't believe how little the resources are used on this site. Looking at the posting dates there is massive gaps for instance in submitting past paper attempts, surely you would be doing little and often if you were studing for an exam?? Was/is there a reason for this or am i missing something, newbie error?

When looking for resources for the module 5, I get the distinct impression there is little support, which given the massive area this covers, is a bit disappointing. Hopefully this will be addressed before I opt for the exam in 2019..........hopefully well before i sit the exam actually, need all the help I can get.

Have you compared the IET membership numbers, fees, workforce? The IRSE is a VERY different institution so please don't expect us to do as others do. 
This forum is entirely done by volunteers, some of whom put a HUGE amount of their own time, unpaid, into helping you and others succeed - they don't have to.  

The massive gaps in posting dates are because you are unusual (but of course completely right) in starting early and working steadily for the exam. It may also be that some years candidates have better access to study groups and so use that more than the forum. In some threads it may look like there was never a reply, but in many cases people have received their feedback through other routes.

So keep going - you haves started well. And when you have done the exams come back and help us improve.

Thank you Dorothy, I will certainly come back and share/ help as much as i can
(25-02-2018, 12:03 AM)PJW Wrote:
(19-02-2018, 02:10 PM)PJW Wrote:
(18-02-2018, 03:27 PM)steak Wrote: Producing sets of model answers for each module would give candidates clearer understanding of what the examiners are actually looking for and what points can be gained.
City and guides produce a book called "exam success" (not sure if they still do or not and name is depending on your exam) which highlights the general syllabus, model answers and tips about style and what they are looking for along with a couple of past papers to attempt so you can see the questioning content and delivery.
You are never going to get the "City & Guilds" book, but your comment has reminded me of something else to add to my list for Thursday- what has happened to the re-issue of the mod 5 study Guide?

Whatever the date on the mod5 Study Pack may claim, it is still fundamentally the old one of more than a decade old.  Given the thrust of the feedback from the mod5 examiners regarding he questions going to become more forward looking and less based on details of traditional solutions, then it is now very badly overdue.

The Past Paper situation of what is available on the IRSE's website does vary quite a bit between modules, with module 3 being particularly good recently (with some 2017 sample answers just uploaded) and lots for module 1 but not very recent.  You are correct though- NOTHING for mod5.  That does need addressing I rattled the cage a bit, but I have the feeling that I'll have to be persistent.

I have attached my notes of the event.  In time the IRSE ought to be placing the video recording on their website to hear the examiners first hand- and it was great that we had a "full house" this time; however there is sometime a rather long delay before this is undertaken and I think it goes in the "members area" so wouldn't be available to those not yet paying a membership subscription.  Hence this will have to serve for now.

PJW/ Jerry I have posted a new question attempt in Micellanous + General would appreciate thoughts as the question was a bit ambiguous....all at your leisure of course.
Many thanks

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