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Didcot Signalling Gala 23rd & 24th June
In just over two week's time, there is a special event at the Great Western Society Didcot- easy to get to by train from London, Bristol or Birmingham.  From the station subway walk away from the public exit to the station through the double doors an up a short flight of steps and you are at the entrance to the GWS.

There is a range of signalling attractions coming for the weekend which is being held to mark the opening if the new signalling museum building and the first public operation of the preserved Swindon PSB, now working to a computer simulator.  A good chance to see signalling from the early days of railways up to the present day.

See the attachment in the separate post: (for some reason that escapes me I cannot post it here!).

For further information about the event and get further details from:

the Swindon Panel Society Facebook page (need to keep scolling down and check both tabs to see all related items)

You might even be able to buy a copy of my new book for a bargain £25.

Hope to see you there Smile

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