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Former S&T Telecoms (Where to Start?)
Hi all, 

I was just hoping for some advice on whether to apply for the Module A exam (without membership) or to apply for membership and do all 4 exams (plus Mod A).

I'm a former S&T telecoms technician (British Rail) and am actively seeking work in rail telecoms. 

I just wondered what is the breadth and depth of each of the modules w.r.t study time? 

Would 5 exams be manageable between now and October this year (2020)? 

I have plenty of study experience as I have a master's from university, but just wanted some basic info. on the actual length and depth of each module - as far as I'm aware, I won't be able to explore this until I become a member.

Hi ManicMiner,
It does depend how much time you would be able to give to it.
The Syllabus and a past paper from each module are available on the IRSE website

Be aware that passing IRSE Exam Modules is not the same as holding an IRSE Licence.

I suggest you
* Apply for membership now as there is a deadline coming up - this does not commit you to taking the exam
* Consider what support you will be able to access (study groups, this forum, ...) but in particular who might be your Sponsor.
* look at some of the questions and feedback on this forum and think about whether you can reach the required level in the time available. Most people find 2 papers in one year is hard work, especially if they have both family and work commitments.
Adding to that Dorothy has stated, look at other people's answers (on this forum) and compare it to your knowledge and see if you identified any feedback.

From a more practical point of view, you could come to some of the training days and get a view of any gaps in your knowledge. The days do not teach you how to pass the exam but are a good aide into assisting. Have a read of [a][/a].

The other question about whether you could pass multiple module this October. Possibly but practically you may be better of stretching it over more than one year. Dorothy's post, and this forum, have sufficient information for Modules 1-7. Module A is new but supposedly is broader and at a lower level, that M1-7.
Le coureur

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