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Sponsorship in the new world
With the change to the exam structure that the IRSE announced, to take Module A, you do not need a sponsor and if you have taken Module A, the FAQ section says that you do not need to have a sponsor to apply for the other modules.

Quote:Do I need to find a sponsor and complete a sponsor declaration form?  Module A “fundamentals of railway control engineering” will not require a sponsor and it will be a pre-requisite for taking the other 3 new modules.  Sponsorship will remain in place for taking modules 1-7 in 2020,  Pre-qualification for taking advanced modules B, C or D by means of passing module A in 2021 will not be required for anyone who has at least one pass in a current module, but sponsorship may still be needed.

It looks as though you can also qualify to enter the other advanced modules if you have not taken Module A but have already passed one of the old modules (1-7), however, it has the statement at the end that "sponsorship may still be needed". I cannot find any further information on what the conditions are that "may" need sponsorship, so if you are in the position of qualifying to take new modules on the strength of already passings some old modules, I would advise that you check with the exam office to make sure that you sort out sponsorship in good time if they say you need it,

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