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2021 Exam
I received the following information about the 2021 exams from teh 
Quote:Dear all IRSE exam interested parties,
Following IRSE Education & Professional Committee meeting yesterday, I can make the following announcements:
•             A single option has been selected to achieve signalling the layout (module 2) – this is being worked on and if it can be achieved, then it will be for an exam date of 2 October 2021, i.e. the same day as the other modules.  I emphasise that this is still being worked on and subject to confirmation
•             For 2021 only, those who have not passed any module previously can take one or more of modules B-D if they have a sponsorship agreement in place with a current IRSE Member (MIRSE) or Fellow (FIRSE) – this is a change to the previously announced arrangements
•             For 2021 only, candidates will be able to sit between one (1) and four (4) modules on 2 October 2021 – this is a change to the previously announced arrangements
These updates will be reflected on the IRSE exam pages early next week.  Due to these changes there will be a delay in opening bookings as these arrangements are more complex.  Bookings will open in early April 2021 and will close for all candidates on 31 July 2021.
On behalf of the IRSE exam team:

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