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Mod 7 study group - Euston
As I'm not aware of any London-based study groups focussing much time on Mod 7...

A small group of us plan to try and kick start a mod 7 study group this Tuesday 28th July;
in Euston;
from ~ 17:15

The intention of this 1st session is to bounce some initial ideas off each other; as well as discuss what we want out of any future meetings:
Past Paper Questions / Speakers / Specific Subject Areas / Logistics...

If anyone else is interested, please get in touch -
We'll be meeting at
Derbyshire House, St Chad's St, Kings Cross, WC1h 8AG

from ~ 17:15 on Tuesday evening (28th July)

if anyone else is interested you're welcome to join us.
The next Module 7 study group will be taking place tonight (4th August)
It will follow on from the Module 1 study group being held in Euston.

If you would like to join us, please get in touch;

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