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module 7 past paper answer
Quote:Hello PJW,

Do you have unofficial module 7 past paper answers to be shared like module 1. It is very useful.

Thank you.

Not that I have readily available; I have never actually run a mod 7 Study Group or exam event (perhaps next year....)
It is very close to the exams now and I am very busy with other stuff, so I personally cannot oblige within the next few weeks. I am posting here in case anyone from the London Mod7 group (or anyone else) felt they could post something here. Remember preparing for the exam is about practice and this forum primarily re getting a chance to get feedback.

As far as what the examiners are looking for in a written answer generically, the module 1 and module 5 ones are equally applicable. The difference in the modules is the topics that are covered; so if you know your subject and know how to approach answering a question generically then that is all you need.

This forum could certainly do with more module 7 material- let's hope we get some contributions

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