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Graph Paper and A3 answer paper blanks
Yes Dorothy has given the practical answer.

For most papers and indeed also the calculations for mod 2 then I would use a black ball point pen ("biro") or probably better something like a "uni-ball"; I certainly wouldn't use a fountain pen and certainly not a quill and ink pot!

For the layout and indeed for diagrams within other answers I would use pencil, but a relatively soft one such as 2B) so it leaves a dark thick enough line to photocopy well. They do go blunt quite fast and you don't want to waste time sharpening, so take a boxful as well as a couple of pens.

(03-09-2014, 12:40 PM)dorothy.pipet Wrote: Officially it means pens, however, I gather it is normal to use pencil on the Mod2 layout. The key thing is that the answers will be photocopied so
1) don't use colour in your answers - it'll be a B+W copy
2) make sure any line/mark is dark/thick enough to copy well

PJW can confirm.

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