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4. Mod 7, chapter 1 pt 2
The Study Pack is showings it age, because the references to the CDM Regulations in the text and last activity clearly relate to the earlier version which was superseded in 2007. Hence although the broad thrust remains the same, the specific nomenclature used of the roles etc no longer exists.

This Powerpoint attachment aims to summarise them and thus addresses activity1.7 but in a modern context.

These regulations are UK law rather than an enactment of EU legislation; I am not sure whether there is any similar legislation applicable in other countries. I guess that there will always be some form of Health & Safety law, but there may not be anything directly comparable.

Whereas rail infrastructure work is clearly within scope, there is no getting away from the fact that its wording is obviously envisaging a building site and the constuction of some form of building or structure and its associated electrical services etc. Whilst significant physical construction does feature in signalling projects, application to all elements can be incongruous. One example of this is the adress of the site needed for completing form F10- railway lines by their nature are long and thin and go from place to place, does a data change within an existing system housed inside a building which is 100 miles away constitute a "construction site".............

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