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A4 blank
This is not the true blank but a pretty reasonable approximation to the paper which the IRSE supplies for the exam.

1. Don't write in the two narrow margins- just the central column

2. Don't write outside the grid (apart from candidate number, module number, question number, sheet number etc)

3. Don't write on the back

4. Start every question on a new sheet.

5. Will be photocopied, so don't use multiple colours for distinguishing- best to stick to black as it copies the best.

6. Don't scrimp on the paper- you pay enough for the exam so IRSE won't begrudge you a few extra sheets.
Indent bullet points and start a new idea on a new line;
Leave a line or two between paragraphs to visually separate;
Consider leaving bigger gaps between sections of an answer or even commencing the next portion on a new sheet- gives the space to go back later and add something which you didn't think of or felt that you may not have time for, so that you can go back later to add easily.

Also do not forget that for any question, you can also use the A3 landscape blank answer sheet; it is not just for Mod3 Control Tables (indeed I imagine that it is hardly now used for that purpose) but that is where it is filed on this website; see

Useful for large diagrams, make them large with room for extended captions and without the clutter of the ruled lines; a "written answer" really can often be answered mainly by drawing with limnited number of words- handy if you find writing long English sentences takes you too long.

Also can rapidly (provided you have taken in to exam a long enough rule) produce tables of different column and row widths by joining up relevant markings along the edges. Very handy way for comparing options, giving advantages and disadvantages etc. A table gives your answer clear structure, makes it clear that when there are many elements to a question that "you have somethng in every box" and so have addressed the full scope, limits how much able to write in any one box so concentrates the mind to stop you woffling

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Thanks for sticking that up Peter

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