Poll: How much anonymity do you want
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Not attributable to my Username
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Not including my handwriting
0 0%
My username not readily associated with me
2 28.57%
I don't care who knows it was me
5 71.43%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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Anonymity Poll
Motty Wrote at: spread the word; collaboration
"I know I would have posted more attempts, had I been able to incognito.
I feel I've gone a bit off topic now, so I'll stop".

There is obviously a valid issue as there does seem to be a general reluctance; I do know I am sent things by individuals who could have posted here but chose not to.

Motty suggested a poll but did not create one- I tried to add one to the thread but can only seem to be able to do so by creating a new thread!

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