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Taking on too much?
Hi all,

I am signalling designer with BEng (hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering and six years experience working in the UK. I have worked on projects ranging from scheme design through to assistant testing but recently it has been scheme development. I have the following courses under my belt BST, IST, Mod 5 and signal sighting.

I would be up for the challenge to do all four exams module 1,2,3 (5 or 7) but I know it’s to do two, however I doubt that I’ll be able to fit in enough study time for those two. It’s been a while since I have independently studied for anything and I know there will be study groups available, but it would be good to understand how much time it requires.

Any feedback would be welcome

I thought taking on all 4 was a bit too much, so I took Mods 2 & 3 first, followed by 7 and then took Mod 1 twice; I am awaiting the result from my second attempt.
I was in the industry 7 years before I took my first exams. I never attended any study groups; there isn't one where I live, but would have if one was available. I attended the 2 day study course on Mods 2 and 3 organised by Peter Woodbridge in Derby, which was very useful. I would recommend you attend; it runs in August, I think.
Looking back now I wouldn't have taken all 4 in one go; I heard somewhere that only 4% of candidates are successful with all 4 in one year! I would have taken Mod 1 with Mod 7 together though, as they are closely related. It would be interested in hearing what others say; I have heard some people saying that, even though they may have been unsuccessful in a Module they gained valuable exam experience in the process.

Good Luck in whatever you decide,

I took paper 3 this year - didn't go for more as I wanted to "test the waters". Obviously I don't yet know if I've passed but to give you an idea how much time I've spent. Note first that this paper is as close as they come to my day job so much less learning required than I'll need for the others.

I think I'll have put in around 3 hours most weekends from May onwards, plus using my commute for reading sometimes (20 mins a few times a week). Study group which was nominally fortnightly was prone to being cancelled so won't have added as much as 2 hours a month. If you plan to double that for 2 modules as a rough estimate ...

Do go to the Exam event (Mods 2,3 usually); next year it will be Sat & Sun 10th & 11th May 2014 at Signet in DERBY. It is very helpful.

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