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New Year resolutions- update your bio
Since we are approaching the time for New Year Resolutions and of course some have now cleared some modules, now is a good time to update your biographical details on this website to ensure that they still reflect reality.
Recently we had a bit of a purge of what we thought was "dead wood"- those members from whose email addresses a bounce was received in response to a message. It seems that in doing this at least one person who does intend to use this website again (but hadn't updated their email from when they worked at a former employer) was deleted. Since the email address is not utilized in the normal use of the site (user name and password) then it is quite possible that others may be unaware that they have also forgotten to update.

So sorry if you find your user name has now disappeared; you will need to re-register. The wider lesson is for people to do a little housekeeping to make sure the information held is up to date and what better time to decide what you are intending to study in 2014 whilst ensuring the your contact and biographical details are "all present and correct"?

For those of you who celebrate Christmas (and indeed even if you don't!), Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for 2014

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