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In our study group last night, there was a brief discussion about exemptions. Of course the modular exam allows for exemptions but only if the alternative is closely aligned to the module an exemption is being claimed for.

The IRSE information to students states:

[quote]It is possible to obtain exemptions from individual modules (except module 1) where you can demonstrate that you have passed an examination by a recognised body, which has substantially covered the syllabus of a particular IRSE examination module. Due to the specialised nature of the IRSE Examination, the scope for exemption is fairly limited.
Claims for exemption must be made within five years of obtaining the particular qualification for which recognition is being claimed. The reason for this condition is that the exemption is based on information that may not be available where a qualification has been discontinued
or changed. When an exemption is granted it will always remain
I understand that students with certain degrees from non UK universities have generally been more successful re Telecomms exemptions than those from the UK. This of course could well be because the degree contents are more aligned to the syllabus (though we pull the leg of a certain individual re being able to pull the wool over the IRSE's eyes by his "dodgy foreign degree"- taken in good heart I hasten to add).

What would be interesting is if someone from say an Eastern European university (with a technically / vocationally based form of degree that seems to be popular there) applied for an exemption re module 3 or 5. "Railway specific" type degree courses seem more common abroad than here and indeed one could argue that Control System Engineering encompasses Signal Engineering. Personally I don't think that such an exemption would be something that I'd be comfortable with, but I might have difficulty in arguing exactly why I take that view.


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