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London Study Group Important Info
This is an open invitation to anyone that is interested in attending.

The first session this year will be held in

Meeting Room 9
Floor 1
1 Eversholt Street

On Monday 18th February between 17:30 and 19:00

The speaker for this session will be Tom Lee who is of the IRSE Exam Committee, the discussion will revolve around the results of last years module 1 exam.

For those of you who attended the IRSE YM AGM / Exam Review, Tom was not able to make that event so some different / further points may arise from the discussion and I would recommend that you to attend.

Non Network Rail staff will need to be escorted onto the premises and everyone has to sign in, unless you work at Eversholt Street.

Further LSG info please read & provide feedback

We are currently in discussion about some improvements that we are planning to make to the structure of the study group and possibly expanding the scope of the group to cover some of the other modules, so look out for further posts in the near future. If anyone has any feedback from last year or ideas for this year please get in touch ASAP.

Currently the most likely scenario is that module 1 and module 2 sessions will be held on alternate weeks (17:00 - 19:00), with mod1 on Mondays and mod2 on Wednesdays, as this suits those of us running the group.

However there won't be much point in us sitting in an empty room if no one can make those days, so please let us know how this fits with you but please bear in mind that we can't please everybody!!


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