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Derby Study group
I am investigating getting a Derby Study group going. Please post expressions of interest and offers of help!

It will be hosted close to Derby station. Mix of modules to be decided for this year but likely to be from 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7.

It may also be possible to include people over video conference.
Derby Study Group now has a proposed an initial meeting at 5pm on 19th January to do an intro to the exams and see how many people are going to study each module.
It will be held at SNC Lavalin, who are next to the Round House and across the road from Resonate near to the Rail Station on the Pride Park side.
If I were not departing the UK that day, I would join you. Good luck and if I can, I will pop into some sessions.

How did the Study Group go?

Thanks for asking. The Derby Study group is now meeting weekly on Wednesday evening 1700 to 1900 at SNC Lavalin.
It is rotating between (1) Mods 1& 7, (2) Mod 2 and (3) Mods 3 & 5.

I am attending every 3-4 weeks and I think there are good numbers between SNC Lavalin Derby and London offices including a few from Alstom and others. Please do join us!

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