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This morning I heard the sad news that Buddhadev Dutta Chowdbury died over the weekend.  It has been some time since he posted on this Forum but has long been an active supporter of the IRSE and a particular champion of the IRSE Exam in India; indeed he was instrumental in arranging (and I also suspect largely funding) the three trips I have made to Bangalore, Delhi and Lucknow in that regard.
Perhaps not totally unexpected but a huge shock none-the-less. 
I'll always remember him as extremely determined but also very polite, considerate and conscientious.
He'll be missed here, in India and indeed even more widely around the world.
Very sad to hear sudden demise of young and energetic leader.....RIP will be remembered forever for great service to Railway Signalling profession globally.
He will be sorely missed. An inspiration to many.
Le coureur

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