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2016 Q7 for review (terminal station signalling)
Another q. for review, also has sample answer on IRSE (attached also) but very different to mine again: I omitted permissive facilities as the question was 'trains must stop close to buffer, what are the facilities and risks'. I suppose you take poetic licence and assume the reason for that is to fit a second train behind, however the sample answer did not qualify it with that.
Question was done under exam conditions in pen - almost two sides of lined A4, then typed up word for word.

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.docx   2016 Q7 Attempt.docx (Size: 6.55 KB / Downloads: 12)
.pdf   Sample Answer Mod 3 2016 Q7.pdf (Size: 303.19 KB / Downloads: 5)
Couple of suggestions/comments for you. Acronyms need to be defined before being used - the same example has TPWS in fill as an example.

b) as a suggestion: distractions (i.e passengers), dark, suddenly light when entering at night, curves, obstructions...

The answer asks for a signalling system to be selected. This then drives various parts of the answers. A system appears not to have been defined which makes d) difficult to answer.
Thanks, I thought I had defined the signalling in a)?
You might not have noticed it also said "UK mainline practice" above.
The exams requires candidates to state assumptions and be explicit. 3 or 4 aspect MAS, with TPWS, AWS, ATO, ATP, ETCS L1, tripcocks... !?!?
Buffer stops lamps are not proven, can be red or white [to avoid confusion/cross-reading]; rules and route knowledge are what is used to determine stopping positions.

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