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2016 Q7 System Architecture for cab signalling system
Doing some end of year tidying up and posting some mod 5 attempts from one of my candidates this year on which I made some comments before sitting down to discuss further with them.  Hence they don't go into detail in those areas which were best dealt with face-to-face, but are still potentially useful for others to see the candidate's approach and the areas where I felt it could be improved.  She is happy that I make these available in the hope that others will find useful.

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.pdf   2016 Q7 Cab Based Signalling- System Architecture.pdf (Size: 473.74 KB / Downloads: 8)

.pdf   Ans 2016 Q7.pdf (Size: 508.41 KB / Downloads: 6) Hi PJW

I had a go at the answer for this same question only to realise that you have already posted it.  I will look at your posting and would appreciate it if you can let me know what I have left out.



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