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Didcot Signalling Gala Sat 23rd & Sun 24th June
To celebrate Swindon's panel 50th year (it opened in March 1968 and closed in Feb 2016) it is being re-commissioned at Didcot Railway Centre operating to computer simulation of the E10k interlocking and the railway itself.  It is housed in a new building "The Signalling Centre" which also houses other exhibits, such as the animated illuminated diagram from Bristol East dating from 1935 and other exhibits back to the early days of railways.

For further information about the event and get further details from:

the Swindon Panel Society Facebook page (need to keep scrolling down and check both tabs to see all related items)

You can of course just decide to turn up and pay your entry fee on the day, but I am looking to see if there is a group of people interested from an IRSE Exam perspective and thus want to join in with the Chippenham Study Group, for which I have set up a poll- 

The BBQ (nominal cost) is not for the general public but for the organisers, exhibitors and invited guests which certainly can include the Study Group- we do need to have a good idea of numbers in advance so if you are interested then complete the poll accordingly.

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