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Pre Event selected questions
Prior to the event this sheet was distributed to participant so that they could consider prior and those questions which obtained the most votes were discussed in class sessions.

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.docx   Module 1 & 7 Practice Questions PJW.docx (Size: 22.3 KB / Downloads: 26)
Is this the standard procedure before every event, PJW?
(19-11-2018, 08:19 PM)HaywoodR Wrote: Is this the standard procedure before every event, PJW?

Well yes we do try to get those attending with the objective of sitting the exam that year actually to do some work prior; with mixed success I must say.  However there is a marked correlation between those who put in work and those who do well in the exam.
The events are not aimed at teaching people the basics but on honing skills or looking at problems slightly differently. As PJW suggests, the more effort an individual puts in, the more likely they are to pass the exam and more they will gain from these events too. Both the Mod1/7 and 2/3 weekends are well worth attending.
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