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2014 Attempt Q4
Herewith I attach my attempt to question 4 on TSR Smile

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.pdf   Answer q4.pdf (Size: 1.44 MB / Downloads: 25)
This looks a good answer to me.

Not sure what others may think, but I would have included some additional detail on how the signalling system may be affected such as implications to level crossings, headway and permanent AWS positions.
Skim read the answer. The question is vague (as they usually are) so is open to cab signaled restrictions as well as physical ones. There is a difference between an ESR and a TSR (NR-speak) plus the reasons for them being implemented and the risks for doing so.

Criticisms: Part A does not address the whole question and there are too many NR-centric acronyms in there. Operating notices (ON) instead of WON, DMI not defined etc.
Le coureur

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