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2014 Paper Attempt, Questions 2, 4 & 6
Module 7, 2014 paper exam attempt.

Done under exam conditions, apologies for the paper size.

Any comments or pointers very welcome.


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.pdf   Module 7 2014 Paper Attempt- Questions 2, 4, 6.pdf (Size: 985.91 KB / Downloads: 7)
.pdf   2014-Module 7-v20140806.pdf (Size: 70.47 KB / Downloads: 7)
Some general comments

Question 2
You have not written much for the marks. Three small pages is not a lot, even in a concise form, to get you all the marks. I am not saying that writing lots will get you the marks (it has to be good whether verbose or concise).
The first part is also 15/25 marks and you have written less than you did for each of the sections that were 5/25 marks.
Granted, the question does say "What human factors should be considered....." but answering it literally by just putting a list is not going to cut it. You need to explain a bit more about why each of them would be an issue.

The second section asks How. On your third point, you do talk about what the signaller may require to do certain things but that that sort of thinking does not come across in the first two points.

I am not sure whether page three is addressing the third element of the question or an extension of the second. I think the latter, but it does not really do that and I am not sure that the answer as written really addresses the third part.

For answering questions that want you to identify a set of things and then comment on them, consider a table in which the columns progressively answer the different elements of the question.

Question 4

Again, for 10 marks, in a question that says "Discuss" you have put a list of 5 or six items (not sure which bits go with which and the examiner is unlikely to take the time to decipher things if they are not obvious) without much discussion.

Your five lines at the end for the 10 marks is not going to get you much at all.

Question 6

You have spent about one third of your words talking about details of PPE and safety roles. Naming the roles in a particular infrastructure managers rule book is not going to get you many marks. Identifying the hazards there are and how they may be addressed would be more likely to.

The question points you in the direction of including line side locations. You have very much focussed on working on the track and have not considered much at all to do with wider systems competence.

You assume that the examiner will know what SMTH is and what hazards this addresses. This is not the case and you need to demonstrate that you know by explaining it. 

Your inclusion of human factors is a good step. Sadly, you have not then gone on to discuss any human factors other than fatigue (which is an important point and good to include), but what about repetitive tasks, infrequently met tasks etc).

Overall, I do not think that this answer will get you very far in the exam.

Morning Peter,

Thanks for the response, a lot to think about and look at.


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