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2017 Q6 Level Crossing Renewal
The question seemed to be asking about process, rather than technology. Hopefully I didn't get too sidetracked by non-safety considerations.

An automatic half barrier level crossing on a light traffic suburban road is life expired and requires
a) Describe the process that should be used to determine what options are available.
[15 marks]
b) Describe how the preferred option should be selected; taking into account the views of
stakeholders. [10 marks]

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.pdf   Q6 2017 Level Crossing Renewal.pdf (Size: 1.58 MB / Downloads: 14)
Looks quite good.

On part a), it might have been worth also looking at pedestrian footfall in addition to vehicular traffic. I would have also have looked at localised hazards and topography (schools, pedestrian crossings, road turnouts, blocking back, etc). The train pattern over the crossing and history of crossing abuse could also be considered. A "sufficient and suitable" level crossing risk assessment might be a good revision point for this if you have ready access to one.
Thanks REMBrum. Agreed, I should have explicitly stated pedestrian traffic (not just vehicular), and written a bit on the review of historic incidents (I did a few words in late as an afterthought).

As you might be able to tell I'm not an expert on this subject, so yes, a review of the Rail Group Standards may be in order Smile

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