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2017 Q2 Human Error
All feedback gratefully received. For some reason, suitable scenarios didn't spring easily to mind.

For both of the following, describe a scenario where human error may contribute to a hazardous condition on an operational railway:
  1. an error made by a person operating the signalling system
  2. an error made by a maintenance technician [10 marks]
For each of the scenarios you have described, what methods should be used to mitigate the risks
which might lead to an accident? [15 marks]

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Hi tfc82, I'm also attempting mod 1 this year so I would defer to the more experienced, however I suggest a good concept for part 2i) might involve a signaller giving erroneous permission to a user worked crossing user (where the uwc is not interlocked with the Signalling system) or another scenario may be a failure to spot a pedestrian or vehicle in a crossing area and initiate the crossing clear function (for an MCB or MCB CCTV).

Part 2ii) My thoughts were thinking Clapham and uninsulated wiring within locations providing false energisation of circuits, or failure to undertake a line clear verification correctly for an axle counter section (with a trolley or debris on the line).
Thanks, those are some good ideas I will bank Smile Wiring mods didn't spring to mind as a maintenance activity, but I guess there are probably scenarios where they are undertaken by maintainers.

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