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2019 Mock Q2
Hi folks, 
looking for some feedback. 
this was done in 25 min under exam conditions

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.pdf   Module 3 question paper Q2 & Q3.pdf (Size: 555.87 KB / Downloads: 13)
First part - good basis of the system - you could have considered that many cab systems also report the train speed in position reports and that could be used.
Second part - you have identified the challenges of knowing when to alert the crossing user and that it may result in longer than desirable warning times for users and that they may think the crossing has failed if they can only see the train going the other way. Also need to consider trains reversing.
Third part - some good points, could also add that a train may stand across the level crossing or may obscure visibility of trains on other line.
Fourth part - this is the really interesting part since position reports are only useful if you can be sure they will be sent, received and processed. If the radio system fails, if the train's equipment fails, if the train is not fitted, if the reports are delayed in the transmission - lots of reasons why the crossing may fail to operate and it is hard for the system to guard against some of these.

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