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2019 mock Q3
hi folks
feedback welcome.

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.pdf   module 3 question 3.pdf (Size: 601.61 KB / Downloads: 11)
.pdf   Module 3 question paper Q2 & Q3.pdf (Size: 555.87 KB / Downloads: 6)
Are you sure you attached the whole of your answer since what is there does not seem to have addressed the question.
For the first part you have options of a radio based block system, train operated points and remote release of a Ground Frame to access the freight facility, or you could go for ETCS Level 2 or Level 3, or even staff and ticket.
Depending on the area then power control of points may be a challenge and comms also an issue.
What about level crossing on the line?
The freight facility is interesting, how do you control access, how do you prove the whole train is clear of the mainline, is there a need to shunt on the main line, etc.

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