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2016 Q1
Hi all, 
Please take a look. 
I look forward to your feedback.

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(18-07-2019, 07:28 PM)PJD Wrote: Hi all, 
Please take a look. 
I look forward to your feedback.

Again, a very short answer.

In the first section, you are asked to both explain the role of modelling and describe how it can affect the user requirements. You have said that there can be models developed, but not said what requirements may be necessary to develop them - what are the objectives, constrains and outputs of the model that is to be developed?

You have spent time on a diagram in part b, but have not explained what the diagram is showing or what it is trying to convey.
You have spend most of the time on this section agreeing with the examiner that there may be a problem. The examiner is looking for you to explain what the pitfalls are (and I would expect that they are looking for more than a list of headings) and what can be done to overcome these (something that you have not addressed at all).

In section c, the question asks for five areas to be explained. You have list only four so, no matter how good your explanation in them, you have only given the examiner the scope to give you 80% of the marks for that section. You do not convey that you have thought about these issues from the perspective of their significance in a moving block system.
You were also asked to explain what makes the item significant. Your contribution for "Gradient" simply says "This will have effects" which does not say anything worthy of marks.
You mention block lengths. This model is for a moving block system but your answer appears to refer to the constraints in a traditional block system.
In train performance, you list items which are characteristics of any train whether using a traditional or moving block - you have not said in what way this is significant for a moving block.


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